Go Green


What Do You Mean by Green?


A “green” business can have many definitions. From the simple idea of producing environmentally friendly products (as opposed to polluting the environment), to the more complex which includes principles, policies and practices that improve quality of life for customers, employees, communities and the environment. We rather like this last definition a great deal! We are a small starting company, but we are sure aiming to be the best for our customers, employers, providers, community and environment. not have achieved the goals of are aiming to becoming better all the time.


To Us Green Means Abiding by These Key Principles:


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1. Keeping our environment healthy using sustainable farming practices

2. Fostering natural habitats and regional ecological

3. Treating our animals in the most humane manner possible

4. Working with our neighbors and providers to seek synergies

5. Providing best possible training to workers and using best-in-class business practices

6. Maintaining a work environment of mutual respect and support

7. Recycling most, if not all, of our by-products

8. Giving back to our community and keeping a commitment for social justice

9. Providing the best products to our customers


Want to Help Us Keep Our Community Green? Here Is What You Can Do:


1. Compost your kitchen scraps. Ask us for ideas on how to compost and we will send you some literature. Better, yet… Visit us at the El Paso Farmer’s Market and will give you several useful handouts.

2. Have yard clippings or dry leaves you want to get rid of? Newspapers (non-colored) piling up? We’ll take them from you at the El Paso Farmer’s Market and add them to our compost heap. The newspapers we’ll use for mulch in our green house.