Goat Meat

West Texas Goat 


Leg of Goat (Boneless) Goat Bones
Leg of Goat (Bone-In) Goat Sirloin Chops
Goat Stew Meat (Shoulder, Cubed) Goat Tenderloins
Goat Shoulder Roast (Boneless) Goat Flank
Goat Shoulder (Bone-In) Goat Heads
Goat Liver Goat Kidney
Ground Goat Goat Shanks
Rack of Goat “Frenched” Goat Chorizo
Half Loins Goat Goat Bratwurst
Goat Ribs Goat Breakfast Sausages
Goat Patties Crown Roast
Goat Cocido (Neck) Goat Whole Carcass

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