Our Team of Top Food Artisans



tierradelsolfarm teamThanks again for your support and interest in our farm. Our promise is to put forward our best efforts each and every day to offer the best products available in the market. In order to do this, we are fortunate to count on a team of hardworking young people who we are true artisans of the trade! Work in our on-farm, federally registered, slaughter and packing facility is demanding. Our experienced employees patiently cut and package each piece of meat so it can meet the highest standards of quality. This is a labor intensive activity which involves carefully monitoring all cuts and removing excess fat. It also requires a great deal of care in maintaining strict control over hygiene and food safety. We have invested many hours, days and weeks in training our team members and we are very proud of their achievements. They are young responsible people who not only want to make a living in our rural community, but also want to make a difference. They share with us the pride of delivering great quality products without harming the environment!