About Our Farm


We are located in a small valley on the banks of the Rio Grande in Far West Texas. The view of the Chihuahuan Desert extends for many miles, east towards the Quitman Mountains, south to the Porvenir Mountains on the Mexican side of the river, and northwest towards the rolling hills of El Paso.our green farm We started farming here in 1985 when our father bought sixty acres of land. Three brothers were involved in some way or another working with an old Farmall, LP gas-powered, red tractor from the 1950’s. We rebuilt an old ruined adobe house from the 1930’s using authentic adobe which was purchased in a small Mexican town across from Fort Hancock. We rescued old irrigation ditches, fixed fences, repaired broken gates, and slowly starting plowing this land that had been abandoned for decades. From the start our father stated that we would be farming naturally, as it had been done in the old country, rotating crops, using manure for fertilizer, and most importantly, without chemicals. Our father is an agronomist of the “old school” who had already accumulated many years of farming experience in Mexico and Latin America. So our options were limited: you did not argue with him about how much easier it was to use herbicides, like the neighboring farmers were doing, and you did all the weeding by hand!


Today we continue farming with the same philosophy of sustainable agriculture he taught us. We have more land, raise lambs and goats, keep chickens and rabbits, and a greenhouse for vegetables. We operate the region’s only on-farm slaughter and packing facility. We supply fresh lamb and goat meat to local restaurants and regional shops, and we sell at several farmers markets in El Paso. Nowadays we have more help, but we continue to be a family farming operation. Our nephews are now involved in the farm, selling our products in the farmers markets and promoting them in different outlets.


We DO NOT Use Harmful Pesticides


Organic agriculture is not easy, particularly in the high deserts of West Texas. However, we believe our extra efforts and work are worth it. There is an enormous pleasure you get when walking into our pastures full of lady bugs, butterflies, and birds flying nearby. We know that harmful chemicals are not in our plants, water and air. We also know that our families are safe and our land will stay free of pollution for many generations to come. We aim to use environmentally safe approaches in the management of our farm land. For example, we keep special houses for bats since they are natural predators of harmful insects. We consider them our allies in helping us avoid using harmful insecticides.


We Are Committed to Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability


Agriculture and nature can be compatible if the right approaches are followed. Therefore, we take biodiversity very seriously. We have over 30 acres devoted to natural desert landscape. We prune our native trees and we use the clippings to make compost. Also, we use felled timber as habitats for local fauna. Between areas of mesquites we are creating water-retaining contours which help retain rainwater which in turn helps grow native grasses and seeds to support local wildlife. A native Chihuahua Desert tree walk is in the planning stages so visitors to our farm can understand what we are doing to maintain our environment healthy and sustainable.


We Are Committed to Recycling


Overall we recycle over 80% of all by products from our agricultural and meat processing operation and we are aiming at reaching the 95% mark by 2015. This includes reusing resources that are considered waste from one specific process, as valuable inputs in other areas of the farm operation. For example, we use manure from our animals as natural fertilizer which is not only low in cost, but also does not have to be hauled from long distances. Also, we sun-dry and pulverize all animal bones obtained from our packing facility and we incorporate the resulting bone powder into the soil as valuable natural plant food.


We Care for Our Animals


We believe in humane treatment of our animals. We provide appropriate living conditions, which emulate the natural habitat of each species.


This includes:

• Year-round access to pasture

• Free range

• Hormone-free

• Antibiotic-free

• Free of rendered animal by-products

• No GMO-based livestock feed

• Humane slaughter practices


As the Best of the West, we are proud that all our meats are prepared using only natural products. We do this because we value your support. For this reason we invest our best efforts every day to offer the best products available in the market. This is our promise to you.